Monday, January 30, 2006

Revolt Video Collective Meeting

There will be a Revolt Video Collective meeting this Wednesday in Seomra Spraoi (Social Centre) at 7.30pm to discuss futher plans , projects etc
Anyone with new ideas etc are more than welcome to attend

The social centre is located next door to the epicurean food hall on middle abbey street (across from arnotts) its the building with artwork on it you cant miss it

There is a bell outside ring that when you arrive its to the right of the door (please dont knock on the door)


There is copies of revolt volume one dvd still available in red ink and they cost 6 euro .

By Barry (one of revolt video collective)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Revolt in Poland

Revolt video night in the AWARIA squat in Zielona Gora,Poland was a great success with about 30 people showing up to enjoy the best in Irish activist video, although there was no translations people really reponded positivly.
It took place as part of a week of events mostlly gigs, the squat itself is not inhabited full time during the winter months as temperatures often drop as low as -15, but regular events are organised and weekly meeting take place to organise and make decisions. Big thanks to Kamila for making it happen!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Video Activist Gathering Update 20 - 22 of Jan

The gathering will take place on the third weekend of January, starting friday evening and ending sunday afternoon/evening That means it is the Friday 20th - Saturday 21st - Sunday 22nd

Since Ryanair = union busting, scumbag, capitalist airline. It's better to go with Aerlingus who actually work out cheaper anyway.

9 Euro over on Thursday Night from Dublin to London Heathrow and 9 Euro to get back around 8am monday morning.

Food and accomadation is provided by the RampART centre.

P.s after Aerlingus adds on its 273% airport tax and 5 euro handling fee the price is 72 euro :(

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Anarchist Youth Film Evening

Next sunday 15th of January 6pm in The Revolt Video room @ the top of seomra spraoi, Middle Abbey Street. (opposite arnotts).


Indymedia Event Notice

"The Take" Homepage

Article about "The Take"

The place is now sorted and ready to rock. Thanks to everyone helped cleaning up yesterday. Their will be a screening of "The Take" organised by Anarchist Youth in the lab in the next week or so. Time and exact date to be confirmed.

It shouldn't be long before the editing machine is setup. After that it will just be a case of boosting the wifi to the top floor.

- Paul
(Pic by Ed)
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