Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Revolt Video Volume 2 Launch

The Revolt Video collective have produced over twenty films within the last year and now present Volume 2 the long awaited follow up to Volume 1 . This time consisting of over 20 films spread over two DVDS featuring DC Riots , X Wrong Project X Wrong Place and Many many more !!
Revolt Video Presents:

The Launch of Revolt Video Volume 2

Revolt Video Cinema +

Live Performances By:

Vimanas (Thrashy Rock out - www.myspace.com/vimanamusic)

Lynched (Acoustic Whiskey soaked scoundrels - www.myspace.com/lynched4life)

Solen (Alphabet Set Improvised Electronics - www.myspace.com/solenband)

Friday June 8th
@ The Lower Deck,
Doors 8pm

8 euro with a Double Dvd Of Revolt Video Volume 2

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Schnews Report

Revolt were at the Schnews "M for Media Malarkey" gathering in Brighton's Cowley Club.

Many other video collectives were there too such as Schmovies, Undercurrents, The Camcorder Guerrillas, Reel News and Reel 2 Real.

There were screenings from many of the groups including Revolt. We screened a selection of videos
from Volume 2.
There was also many workshops, discussions and great vegan food! More details can be found on the schnews website and the programme of events can be found here.

We even fitted in a little protest, as Gordon Brown was in the neighborhood. The protest was in solidarity with
the Save Omar Degayes campaign. Omar Degayes is a resident of Brighton who is being held in Guantanamo Bay. His brother who is actively trying to get Omar released is pictured below being

It was a great weekend, many thanks to the volunteers at the Cowley Club and Schnews for organising the event.

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