Saturday, December 31, 2005

Moving In!

This Sunday the 1st of Jan 2006 we are moving in to the third floor of 47 Middle Abbey Street. Once the room is secure I'm going to start moving the equipment in, between 4 and 8pm.

I was talking to Barry and seemingly he put in a few sockets on the third floor so by using surge protected plugboards and a UPS backup things should be alright from an electrical point of view. The main things is to be able to lock up the room real good. (One of the cons of being in the city centre I guess)

It'll take a few days to get computers up and running and week or two before we'll be able to boost the wifi to the top floor.

Once things are in place we'll look at having a meeting for people who want to get involved in the collective.

Oh and the thing on the left can duplicate 120 cds or 60 dvds an hour!

- Paul

Event : 2006 Video Activist Gathering

In January the RampART will be hosting a long weekend for radical film makers, screeners and distributors to get together for skill sharing, workshops, screenings and film exchange. Actual programme of workshops is being drawn up now. Please email RampART if you are interested.

Orginal proposal email is archived here

There is also a wiki page setup for organising the gathering. You can let people know if you interested in attending by editing the "Participants" section of the activix page

Accomodation will be provided for those coming from outside London or from elsewhere in Europe.

Event will end with a public screening and distribution of a DVD showcase of the work generated.

More info soon.

- Paul

Friday, December 30, 2005

Kilkenny To Kilimanjaro

Just got back from Tanzania. I'm going to start editing a documentary about the journey to the village of Uchira which is located on the side of Kilimanjaro. Money had been raised in Ireland and was given directly to the villagers with a village chairman present.

The money was raised by local schools and people of Kilkenny and also through the launch of a music cd which was made by Sheila Ryan a music teacher in the Presentation Seconday School.

All money raised went directly to the people of Uchira and all travel expenses were paid by those who travelled themselves.

The documentary will try to show the human nature of poverty with the peoples voices being translated from Swahaili to English.

- Paul

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Revolt Video Cinema Night

There will be a cinema night on the 16th of janruary in the AWARIA squat in Zielona Gora , Poland. I'll be showing alot of irish activist films with a view to letting them know whats been going on here over the last few years Mayday,Shannon etc. and of course Rural Riot and the G8 stuff will be shown aswell. So any of the crew in Zielona gora on the 16th try make it to the squat.



Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cover Redesgin and DCTV Workshop

The new cover was designed by Ed and looks better and costs less than the old one.

10 copies were dropped into Red Ink and another 10 are available in Anthology Books. Both shops are in Temple Bar. It would be good to get the Dvd into shops outside Dublin too, so if you know a place that may be interested in stocking them send us an email. They are sold for 6 euro with 1 euro going to the stockist.

A very interesting workshop took place last week. DCTV ran the workshop 3 times in the north, south and Central. It covered, how to get funding for community tv programmes from the BCI and how to get involved with DCTV.

It was very promising that they were aware and enthusiastic about creative commons and Copyleft etc. 5% of the licence fee has been allocated to community television and so there is a fund of 25 million set aside to make noncommercial programming.

You can join DCTV for 15 euro if you are unwaged, 25 euro if you are waged or 75 euro for an organisation. Revolt Video Collective will join as an organisation (hopefully the sale of the DVDs will cover the cost). Rotating delegates from the collective will attend the meetings. Hopefully this will be an excellent outlet for social documentory and activist video.

There are also other benifits gained from joining DCTV such as training and access to equipment and studios. Everyone involved in the collective will have these benifits since we are joining as an organisation.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Revolt Video Vol.1 Promo Trailer + Vid Links

You can Download the trailer, it will give you an idea of what's on the Dvd.

Also below are all the previous Revolt Videos that were put online:

Revolt Video Vol. 1

Streaming From The Gaff

G.N.I.B Deportation Protest

Take Back The City 2005

Gleneagles 2005: A Rural Riot

Camphill Ballytobin "Open Day"


Wickerman is the only one that isn't on Vol. 1

Most of these use the opensource Xvid codec which you need in order to watch them. It's a really small download and easy to install. Grab it here.

Revolt Video Vol.1 Available!

This is Revolt Videos first DVD Release! You can download it for free here.

You can also grab it from Red Ink in Temple Bar from next week for 6 euros!

All proceeds will go to buying blank tapes for the collective so more videos can be made.

Hopefully Vol.2 will be much more diverse as more people start to get involved.

There has been positive discussion with about broadcasting videos on their Belfast based community tv station. Another interesting development is the creation of Dublin Community Television which will hopefully be another outlet for activist video and social documentory

A room on the top floor of 47 Middle Abbey Street will house the Revolt Video Lab as part of Dublin's new Autonomous Social Centre. This is a busy time of year for most people so the office isn't going to open until the 1st of Janurary 2006 but if there is interest then a meeting for people who want to be involved could be organised before that.

Email: for more info.
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