Monday, July 31, 2006

Revolt Video Festival !!

Revolt video have organised a two day festival in Kilkenny happening during the arts festival as an alternative . The opening nite of the Revolt festival will be the 17th August a Thursday and will be a cinema night featuring a variety of home grown and international footage of radical and anarchistic films . The following night will feature a variety of bands from hip hop to rock to punk to total abstarct madness .

Doors are at 8pm for both events and will start around 8.30pm . Its a mere five euro in and proceeds will go towards the Revolt video collective . We hope to have a selection of radical / anarchistic films available on the night to distrobute

The friday night of the festival will feature a large varitety of music and a good ole excuse to have a sip and a dance !

Los Langeros ( Disjointed Punkabily / Ska Intoxicated madness , that will keep you dancing !)

Party weirdo ( Rock out all female tunefull revolters)

Disfunktional ( Coolocks most wanted Hip Hop / Rapsters)

Chemical Addiction ( Kilkenny Rockers , local band that are making noise in the big K )

Contact : for more details

Demo against Israeli Aggression

Filmed Saturday 29th July - Dublin

This is a clip from a documentary Revolt Video are currently working on called “One Race the Human Race”.

Topics the documentary will cover:

- The Butchering, Slaughtering and Maiming of live on all sides in the Middle East
- Israeli Anti War Movement
- Anarchists Against the Wall
- Sectarianism
- National and International Non-Violent Resistance against Israeli Military Aggression.

If you would like to contribute:

- Film Footage
- Photos/Drawings
- Articles/ Opinions
- Facts and Figures
- Ideas no matter how big, small or abstract.

Please Contact


085 167 2035

Video Link

Thursday, July 27, 2006


A montage of pictures mostly form Indymedia sites around the world, images mainly of conflict in the Lebanon.

Click Here for Video

Peace on Trial - Verdict Day

Catholic worker 5 who disabled a US war plane in Shannon, were aquitted of all charges.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Geb Bush visits Ireland -Protest

Jeb Bush, governor of Florida and brother of the US president, arrived in Dublin this morning. He met the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. It was a business function at the Conrad Hotel Dublin Anti-war activists staged a protest outside/inside the hotel during the Jeb Bush event.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Short Video - Tara Solstice Vigil Fire (03:30)

A group of people praticing an anicent ritual is being accused of criminal trespassing on public land in Tara Valley Ireland.

All footage was filmed Friday 14th July

Video Link:

Saturday, July 15, 2006


This is a link to a really funny anti g8 sketch from check it out at the link below!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Preproduciton Documents

The images were to big to send through the list so I decieded to put them up here:

Tape Log
PDF Tape Log

Video: War for Territory

Short video about the mass media and the butchering of life in Iraq, contains some graphic images.
Video Link:

RAR video

Parents of Irish born Citizens plead with the goverment to let them stay with their children - Filmed Wedesday July 05

Video Link:

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Revolt Video Article In Workers Solidarity Paper

In the new Workers Solidarity Newspaper (Issue 92 - June/July) there is an article about Revolt Video plus there is a cover story entitled "Death by Gardai" including inside articles about "Israel and Palestine" and "Climate Change" . This newspaper is available for download here : , copy and distribute!!

Article from Wsm paper included below .

Launch of Video Activist Collective:

Revolt Video is a video activist collective set up to provide footage of political events happening in Ireland and internationally, covering the whole spectrum of social change. The collective works on the same principle as Indymedia, and alongside it will provide footage and less heard voices on issues which other mainstream media outlets ignore, often due to owners vested interests such as advertising and profit.

There are plans to provide ongoing workshops in the future once a secure location is obtained. With this physical presence we can also focus on the distribution of independent films and activist media. Recently the collective has held numerous screenings such as those at the Anarchist Bookfair in Dublin, various concerts and benefits, and will also be holding screenings at the new Indymedia film nights in Dublin (

Revolt is there to encourage people to report on issues and events which affect them. Members of the collective propose projects which are discussed and created collectively, with each person working with their strengths whether it is filming or editing etc. It is run on a non-profit basis, all money raised is reinvested into future projects and equipment.

Revolt video volume one is currently available directly from Revolt by emailing You can order one copy or multiples if you want to distribute in your community or school. Our films are also available in Connolly Books in Dublin You can view footage and obtain more information on Revolt Video Collective by visiting


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rossport Vid

“Shell, Statoil and Marathon, supported by the Irish State, is proposing to build a dangerous, experimental raw gas pipeline and gas refinery in northwest Ireland. But they are being resisted………”

click below to view

Rossport video
Escort Ireland
Escort Ireland
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