Thursday, July 06, 2006

Revolt Video Article In Workers Solidarity Paper

In the new Workers Solidarity Newspaper (Issue 92 - June/July) there is an article about Revolt Video plus there is a cover story entitled "Death by Gardai" including inside articles about "Israel and Palestine" and "Climate Change" . This newspaper is available for download here : , copy and distribute!!

Article from Wsm paper included below .

Launch of Video Activist Collective:

Revolt Video is a video activist collective set up to provide footage of political events happening in Ireland and internationally, covering the whole spectrum of social change. The collective works on the same principle as Indymedia, and alongside it will provide footage and less heard voices on issues which other mainstream media outlets ignore, often due to owners vested interests such as advertising and profit.

There are plans to provide ongoing workshops in the future once a secure location is obtained. With this physical presence we can also focus on the distribution of independent films and activist media. Recently the collective has held numerous screenings such as those at the Anarchist Bookfair in Dublin, various concerts and benefits, and will also be holding screenings at the new Indymedia film nights in Dublin (

Revolt is there to encourage people to report on issues and events which affect them. Members of the collective propose projects which are discussed and created collectively, with each person working with their strengths whether it is filming or editing etc. It is run on a non-profit basis, all money raised is reinvested into future projects and equipment.

Revolt video volume one is currently available directly from Revolt by emailing You can order one copy or multiples if you want to distribute in your community or school. Our films are also available in Connolly Books in Dublin You can view footage and obtain more information on Revolt Video Collective by visiting


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