Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Video From Yesterdays Clashes in Athens

Greek Anarchists clashed with riot police yesterday protesting Condoleezza Rice's visit to Athens.

Video Here

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Revolt Video Benefit Gig !!! 4 May...

Porco Dio Presents..

As part of its Fortnightly Gig and Arts Nite...
A benefit for Revolt Video, who will also provide visuals on the night...
Andy Travers and The Worthwhile Experience (Crazy Funk !! That will get you dancing)
Herv (Twisted Thumping Electronic Beats)
Project 77 (Dual Vocalised Dirty Raw Hip Hop)
Computers That Breed ( Rock out disjointed punk)

On Thursday the 4th MayDoors 8pm, first band 8.45pm sharp

Adm €5 before 9 / €6 after@ The Lower Deck , Portobello

Contact us at :

You should know:

All three members of Woodrow now play in The Worthwhile Experience. Despite being stuck behind a laptop, when playing live Herv gives it more socks than 99% of the bands in Dublin.

Project 77 are male/female dual mc-led in your face northside hip hop.

Computers That Breed are another ex-Woodrow project, taking their cues from the likes of Drive Like Jehu and Fugazi.

Be our friend :

About us: Porco Dio is a fortnightly gig in the Lower Deck pub in Portobello, Dublin, featuring a mix of local, national and international bands/individuals from the underground music scene. We not only aim to transcend the usual genre boundries between punk and hardcore/hip-hop and electro/rock and indie, but also believe that there is more to gigs than just music and as such hope to incorporate visuals, art, political stalls/benefits and any number of other concepts into the usual well-worn formula of an underground music gig.

Get in contact if you want to do an info stall at this gig or any of them ...
"Support Independent / Diy Music and Media !!!"
Music wont start a revolution but it will be something to dance to during it
Map to venue@

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Baldonnel Easter Sunday

'Get ur' hands off me camera'

Revolt Video presents an updated film concerning the events at Baldonnel Aerodrome on Easter Sunday.
A full round-up of Easter Weekend and more will be screened at the Indymedia Film Night Thursday 27th
Video 8 1/2 mins, mpeg2 88.7mb

Friday, April 21, 2006

Indymedia Film Night

IMC Ireland in assiociation SIPTU are holding a cinema nite on Thursday the 27th of April at the Liberty Hall Dublin. Starting at 7pm Revolt Video will start the night with short film about the anti war protests around the 1916 commeration follwed by the feature "Friend or Foe".

Friend or Foe documents the bitter struggle of contracted workers at KT (Korean Telecommunication) against globalisation. Under the imperatives of structural adjustment, KT forced workers to work under "non-regular" contracts at lower pay, heightened job insecurity and limited legal protection vis-à-vis regularly employed workers. When the company announced its new "downsizing" plan in 2000, they fired 7,000 contract workers. The targeted workers launched a new union and waged a bitter struggle. Friend or Foe exposes the serious situation imposed by globalisation on workers compelled to accept temporary status and provides critical analysis of the weaknesses of the current labour movement. Directed by award-winning female director Jiyoung Lee, who won the Best Documentary prize at the 2002 Pusan International Film Festival.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Baldonnel, short roughly edited trailer

This is a short roughly edited sequence of events from today, April 16th, 2006 at Baldonnel airport and city center.
Revolt video will have a fully edited film by Tuesday/Wednesday of this week. This will include footage of the Easter Rising commemorations and the protests and arrests in Baldonnell.

Please check back for updates.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thessaloniki, Greece

An estimated one thousand anarchists and other anti-fascist protesters, wearing motorcycle helmets and armed with iron bars, clashed with police outside the offices of the right-wing fascist group Chryssi Avgi. The demonstration was organized by Anti-fascist Initiative to protest the stabbing of three teenage students by fascists, who are alleged to be members of Chryssi Avgi.

check out the video:

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

*Important* Wednesday Meeting

Lots to discuss and act on at Wednesdays important meeting, It is vitally important that everyone can get along to this meeting, the
meeting will be the same place as last week and starts at 7.30pm.. call J
on 0868885779 if you aren't sure where it is at..

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Struggle Continues

Some videos from yesterdays events at the Four Courts and the subsequent action at Statoil's offices at the IFSC.

Video from Four Courts: ' 5 Go Free at the Four Courts' (11 mins)

Video Trailer From Statoil Action: 'Dangerous Pipe' (2 mins)

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

NEW gig collective Porco Dio's first gig, featuring the amazing LOS LANGEROS!

Be there or be forever bitter!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Baldonnel Straight Ahead

The hypocrisy is glaring.As death and carnage spread through Iraq and as the death toll rises incessantly ,the Irish state stands guilty of complicity in this abhorrent slaughter through our facilitation of the U.S war machine.

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Escort Ireland
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