Friday, April 13, 2007

DCTV Callout

DCTV is calling for volunteers and for resources from Members, to help us get on air - and stay there -in the first week of June. We have about enough funding to purchase the technical equipment needed to get our signal into the NTL system, and a few thousand left to develop some basic materials. But we need a lot more to get going. Once we get on air and prove our worth, we expect a number of funding doors to open. But in the meantime...

Part of the plan is to produce some basic programmes for the launch - with your inputs. But for this we need:

- a basic studio space to accommodate half a dozen people or so;
- Cameras, lights and sound equipment etc. for a few weeks during May
- Editing equipment

But we also need the expertise to operate these, to plan and produce some programmes to get us going. A number of you have such expertise - so please step forward! In addition to the skills needed to operate the above, expertise in animation and graphics would be useful, in web design and website construction.

And, of course, the perennial for all voluntary organisations: fund raising skills, and accounting skills.

Finally we desperately need office space - we expect soon to have to move from our current office to one a few stories up

If you can spare time for these, or can gain access to resources, do let us know. Please provide as much detail as possible concerning:
- the area/resources you could contribute
- if it includes skills, a clear indication of when you might be available in
the coming months.

Please send an e-mail to
Escort Ireland
Escort Ireland
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