Wednesday, December 27, 2006

porco dio xmas party

This is the Porco Dio crimbo party and is also a Seomra Spraoi benefit gig .
Porco has been running for over 7 months now providing a highly diverse collection of bands , artists and dj's playing punk ,hip hop , electronic to country with everything in between a sort of schtizo-mix .
Most gigs have been benefits for a large selection of groups from Indymedia to Terrance Wheelock campaign to Residences against Racisim and varous other campaigns . So get your ass down and party for a good cause , good music and a good excuse to get out off your house - End communique !
Bands Playing are :
Seomra Spraoi Benefit ( and

Herbal Jahz -
( Ska / Reggae Merchants - put your dancing shoes on and pick it up ! - )

MO-T and BDG -
(Hip Hop as it should be , collabration between two great rappers - Mo-t : and BDG who is also apart of northside hip hop outfit Disfunk

The Discarded Retarded
(Think Rock , Think Roll when these two mighty forces combine in a dirty saloon - )

Janey Mac
(Crazy disjointed breeding / gargesque music featuring members of Party Wierdo and Heavy Danza -

Plus DJ Carange
(A mix of everything from punk to hip hop to 80's classics -

Kennedys, Westland Row (behind trinity college)
Thursday 28 December
10pm till late
Admission €6

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Friday, December 08, 2006

The Battle for Ungdomshuset

An anonymous movie maker have created a little propaganda piece ind defence of the eviction-threatened autonomous center in Denmark Ungdomshuset.

The movie is Four minutes long and kan be considered an emotional defence of the place. Its translated into english and German.
You can find and watch the movie these places:

Indymedia Video server:




Videoen at Youtube:







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