Monday, July 31, 2006

Revolt Video Festival !!

Revolt video have organised a two day festival in Kilkenny happening during the arts festival as an alternative . The opening nite of the Revolt festival will be the 17th August a Thursday and will be a cinema night featuring a variety of home grown and international footage of radical and anarchistic films . The following night will feature a variety of bands from hip hop to rock to punk to total abstarct madness .

Doors are at 8pm for both events and will start around 8.30pm . Its a mere five euro in and proceeds will go towards the Revolt video collective . We hope to have a selection of radical / anarchistic films available on the night to distrobute

The friday night of the festival will feature a large varitety of music and a good ole excuse to have a sip and a dance !

Los Langeros ( Disjointed Punkabily / Ska Intoxicated madness , that will keep you dancing !)

Party weirdo ( Rock out all female tunefull revolters)

Disfunktional ( Coolocks most wanted Hip Hop / Rapsters)

Chemical Addiction ( Kilkenny Rockers , local band that are making noise in the big K )

Contact : for more details

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kilkenny - Cats City............meeooww........
see ya the roofs.....

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