Saturday, December 31, 2005

Event : 2006 Video Activist Gathering

In January the RampART will be hosting a long weekend for radical film makers, screeners and distributors to get together for skill sharing, workshops, screenings and film exchange. Actual programme of workshops is being drawn up now. Please email RampART if you are interested.

Orginal proposal email is archived here

There is also a wiki page setup for organising the gathering. You can let people know if you interested in attending by editing the "Participants" section of the activix page

Accomodation will be provided for those coming from outside London or from elsewhere in Europe.

Event will end with a public screening and distribution of a DVD showcase of the work generated.

More info soon.

- Paul


Anonymous said...

Whats the dealio with this meeting? is there one on in dublin, where n when zactly?

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