Saturday, December 31, 2005

Moving In!

This Sunday the 1st of Jan 2006 we are moving in to the third floor of 47 Middle Abbey Street. Once the room is secure I'm going to start moving the equipment in, between 4 and 8pm.

I was talking to Barry and seemingly he put in a few sockets on the third floor so by using surge protected plugboards and a UPS backup things should be alright from an electrical point of view. The main things is to be able to lock up the room real good. (One of the cons of being in the city centre I guess)

It'll take a few days to get computers up and running and week or two before we'll be able to boost the wifi to the top floor.

Once things are in place we'll look at having a meeting for people who want to get involved in the collective.

Oh and the thing on the left can duplicate 120 cds or 60 dvds an hour!

- Paul


Gambra said...

Nice collective ye've got here! Picked up the DVD in Red Ink and am very impressed. Esp the Take Back The Streets stuff. If ye yant some DVD's to be sold in Lmerick, drop me a line.

Revolt Video said...

Definately interested in having the volumes available outside Dublin. There probably will be a working group within the collective that will focus on distribution and screenings in different parts of the country. You didn't leave an email address so please get back in touch or post on the forum with details. Thanks

- Paul

Anonymous said...

That's a nice piece of kit you got there. Cant wait to get back now. Well done lads!

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