Sunday, September 10, 2006

Revolt Video Film Screening

Waged 5 euros
Unwaged 3 euros

Doors 7:30 Screening 8:00

Seomra Spraoi Social Center 6 Ormond Quay

It's on the north side of the Quays above a blue furniture shop, just head down past the ha'penny bridge (ring top buzzer)

Bring Food n share if yeah want!

One Race the Human Race – Part 1 the Political Economy of Genocide

(New Revolt Video Documentary)
- The current conflict war in Lebanon, Palestine and Israeli
- Irish National Protests
- The consequences of the Israeli states aggression towards its neighbors
- Anarchists against the wall
- Interviews with people affected by the conflict

This film is dedicated to IMC journalists in Lebanon, Palestine and Israeli

The Edukators – Your Days of Plenty are Numbered


Jule is a waitress that can't make ends meet. She moves in with her boyfriend Peter and his friend Jan, two young men united by their passion to change the world. But Jule has a secret: A past auto accident has burdened her with lifetime payments to successful businessman, Hardenberg. Peter and Jan also have a secret: They are the notorious "Edukators," mysterious perpetrators who break into expensive homes of the local yacht club members as an act of political rebellion. They wreak havoc and leave notes that read, "Your days of plenty are numbered."

While Peter is away on holiday, secrets between Jan and Jules are disclosed and feelings between them intensify. They impulsively break into the home of the businessman to whom Jules is indebted. But their growing passion has made them careless and when they're forced to return to the villa the following night to retrieve a forgotten cell phone, Hardenberg surprises them.

They have no choice but to call Peter for help, even if it means his finding out about their betrayal.

The trio makes a rash decision and their futures (as well as Hardenberg's) are quaked. Ideals are tested as generations collide, passions rage, and loyalties shatter.

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