Friday, March 17, 2006

Revolt Meeting Wednesday

It was decided last night that next wednesday's revolt meeting will concentrate on Russia , as in whos's going , filling out forms , whats the story with it all .
Maybe we could knock out a few ideas on this list as to what is to be discussed on Russia , below is included links to relevant pages that were posted here before .
It would be realy good if eveyone could come next wednesday and really think about russia .

Just found out the confirmed'ish dates for this years G8 meeting:
July 15th to 17th, 2006

More info @
This page is set up for information about the G8-summit 2006 in Russia

Useful Mailing lists:

An international (english language) list for protest against the G8 summit
in St.Petersburg/Russia 2006 to coordinate grassroot-level networking.
This is an open list, feel free to subscribe.

Bike caravane from Berlin to St. Petersburg:
Join in for the planning for the cycle caravane from Berlin to St. Petersburg
The caravane starts on Tuesday 6th June from Berlin Arrival in St.
Petersburg on the 7th July
There is a new mailinglist for those who are interested:


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