Monday, March 13, 2006

Short Video: Somali Demo for protection

On Thursday afternoon at 12:30, a group of Somalian Asylum Seekers held a protest outside the Dail before walking to the Department of Justice to highlight the issue of some of the unfair practices in their Asylum process procedure.

Many of the Somalian asylum seekers have not being granted asylum in Ireland and have a lot of concern for the future of their families and themselves. They are expected to show documentation which is impossible as their country has been torn apart from conflict and there is nowhere they can or could obtain a passport or other such documentation, as their county has had no system of government in over 15 years.

Many have had no education in their country yet when they come over to Ireland they are asked geographical questions to prove they are form Somali (how many educated Irish people know the location of our main rivers).

Somali is rich in raw materials and culture but in recent times has been torn apart from civil war with tribal and faction fighting. Many minority people have fled the country to escape the horrors of persecution. Many of the War Lords are opposed to any new form of government because they know they are war criminals. Countries are dumping radioactive waste in to the Somali Sea which is creating awful consequences.

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